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Must Know Paramedic Interview Questions

Nov 4, 2020 | Paramedic

Just like any other job, one of the most daunting tasks is appearing for an interview. Paramedic interview questions include open-ended situational and general questions, where the interviewer can assess you on both professional capabilities and personality traits.

As a primary care paramedic, you will be entrusted with the important job of providing care in an emergency situation. Apart from saving lives, people place their trust in the ability of a paramedic in an hour of need. Becoming a primary care paramedic is rewarding on both personal and financial levels.   

As you move forward, the first step is to attain your basic education to become a paramedic, which includes both theoretical and practical experience via ambulance ride-outs. Provincial certification Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) is mandatory in Ontario.  

Paramedic Interview Questions  

1. Paramedic job is stressful and isn’t suited for everyone. How do you stay calm in a stressful situation?  

This general question is intended to find out more about you and provide the interviewer with additional topics to explore.   

2. Paramedics work in teams and have to interact with other first responders. Can you describe a situation in which you were required to work as part of a team?  

An operational question, to get an idea of how you will perform on the job. Best way to answer such questions is to address the situation and describe in detail.  

3. Can you describe a situation where you had to follow specific rules and procedures?  

Another operational question, in which interviewer seeks to understand how well you follow procedures. It is a critical trait as a paramedic. You need to focus on your ability to follow strict procedures.   

4. Give an example when you had to flexible or adapt to a situation on the job?  

Being flexible and respond according to the situation is a key quality for a paramedic. This question is to understand whether you’re flexible and how you can deal with a changing situation.   

5. How will you deal with a drunken and abusive patient?  

Another operational question to see how effectively you deal with people in this condition. You can explain how you will deal with the situation in future or relate to an incident you handled in the past.   

6. What do you do to improve or update your skills as a paramedic?  

This question is intended to judge your eagerness to learn and what regimen you follow to stay up-to-date. Paramedics need to spend time to train and maintain their skills.   

7. What will you do if an emergency call interfered with your plan with family?  

Question is intended to judge your professional consideration and how will you react to an unexpected work-related emergency.   

Other important paramedic interview questions that test your medical and procedural know-how include:  

  • How will you treat a patient with a drug overdose?  
  • What should be your approach for treating broken bones?  
  • How will you approach a person suffering from a burn?  
  • How do you use a defibrillator?  
  • What kinds of life support medication should you have with you?  
  • Describe the process of administering morphine through IV, and what will you do differently for a young patient?  

Remember, interviews are unpredictable. Paramedic interview questions also depend on how you answer the situational questions. What interviewer perceives from your answers. Primary care paramedics are expected to be confident and adaptable of the situation, this implies to the interview process as well.   

How Paramedic Academy prepares you for an interview?  

You will be studying under active paramedics who have gone through the interview process and are in the advanced level of practice. Apart from theoretical, practical and exam preparation, our program focuses on interpersonal skills which give you an accurate analysis of areas you need to work on.   

Our uniquely designed ‘Clinical Readiness Program’ ensures that you are ready for workforce confidently.   

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