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911 Dispatcher Course – 5 Reasons You Should Choose Paramedic Academy  

Dec 6, 2021 | Certificates

Becoming a 911 dispatcher or call taker is exciting and rewarding. You’ll be helping people every day, but the job also comes with challenges such as stress and long shifts.  

If you’re planning to start a career in emergency services, joining a 911 dispatcher course can boost your career exponentially.  

Before we move to the top reasons to choose the 911 Dispatcher Course at Paramedic Academy, let’s cover the basics of becoming a 911 Dispatcher. 

What are the requirements to become a 911 Dispatcher?

To qualify to apply for a 911 operator job, you must meet the following requirements:  

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) OR 18 Years or older (Mature Student)  
  • Have excellent English speaking and writing skills  
  • Effective communication skills  
  • Able to adapt to new technologies  

What does the 911 Dispatcher job entail?

A career as a 911 dispatcher is fast-paced, and dispatchers have to go through intensive training. First, let’s look at what a job as a 911 dispatcher entails.  

  • You will be busy: During a shift, you will answer many calls and determine the nature of the emergency. Prioritizing calls based on the nature of the crisis, dispatchers need to keep the caller calm, guiding through CPR or other first-aid actions, if necessary. Depending on the situation, the dispatcher needs to alert the correct emergency service and provide full details to act promptly. Recording information efficiently and accurately is a must.
  • Unpleasant calls: While most 911 calls are to report a fire, illness, or a crime, dispatchers sometimes can be subject to verbally abusive calls. From listening to distressing information to angry or hostile callers, dispatchers go through a stressful day at work.
  • On Guard While Listening: As a 911 dispatcher, you need to be attentive and make sure you listen to nuances and background noise. In a hostage or domestic violence situation, listening to contextual clues can help save lives.  

5 Reasons to choose Paramedic Academy for 911 dispatcher course

Extensive Training

Our emergency telecommunications program is designed under the guidelines of the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED). With an emphasis on clinical and psychological aspects of the job, this course covers a variety of modules such as:  

  • First Aid/CPR  
  • Sociology   
  • Stress Management   
  • Emergency Patient Care  
  • Legal issues, regulations, and legislation  
  • Protocol, Procedure, and Policy 

Software Training

Hands-on training on ProQA – Emergency Dispatch Technology help students understand the case entry and critical questioning. This software also helps emergency dispatchers determine the appropriate response, guides them to relevant Post-Dispatch and Pre-Arrival Instructions and logs essential case information.

Professional Instruction

Training by active paramedics and dispatchers gives students a peek into the real-world, on-the-job experience and helps them understand the challenges that 911 dispatchers face.

Short Duration

Our emergency telecommunications certificate program is only ten weeks. However, it allows students to enter the emergency services quickly.

Dual Certification

Students enrolled in our emergency telecommunications certificate program will receive certification from IAED and the Paramedic Academy of BizTech College. Which, in fact smoothens your pathway to securing the job right after the completion of the program.

Are you interested in learning more about the program? Our subject matter experts can help you.  Click Here to book an appointment today!  


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