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Requirements to Become a Primary Care Paramedic

Oct 19, 2020 | Paramedic

If you want a career which involves helping others, primary care paramedic would be your best choice. Primary care paramedics (PCPs) are trained healthcare professionals that provide pre-hospital care and transport patients to hospital for further medical care.  

Working in a fast-paced environment, a primary care paramedic works in a team environment and has to go through to extensive training.  

Primary care paramedic is the level 1 profile in emergency care services. With additional training and experience, one can advance a career within the field. Check out the future careers for Primary Care Paramedics.  

What are the requirements to become a Primary Care Paramedic in Ontario? 

Education – Diploma Program 

To become a primary care paramedic, you need to obtain at least a diploma credential. PCP diploma program will help you gain the required theoretical and practical skills needed to succeed in the field. 

In class, students learn the theory like anatomy, pharmacology and psychology. Through lab sessions, students learn how to assess injuries and administer pre-hospital care and transport patients safely.  

Paramedic Academy, Mississauga also gives extensive practical experience through hospital practicum and ambulance ride-outs.  

Certification Exam 

Graduate of Primary Care Paramedic diploma program is eligible to write the provincial certification exam, the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (A-EMCA). Offered three times per year by the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, successful completion of this exam is required to be eligible for employment as a PCP in Ontario.  

Students are tested on Basic and Advanced Life Support Patient Care Standards and the Pre-hospital Care syllabus. The study guide and sample questions for A-EMCA. 

Driving an Ambulance 

Driving an ambulance is part of the primary care paramedics’ job. In Ontario, you need a Class F license to drive an ambulance. You will be taking both a knowledge test and a road test to get the license.  

It is mandatory that you have a good driving record and should not have received four or more demerit points in the year before you start work.  

Physical Fitness & Mental Strength 

As a primary care paramedic, you will need to lift people, handle heavy stretchers and to kneel down a lot. You need to be physically fit and should have the strength to carry the objects weighing at least 100 pounds.  

Paramedics go through stressful situations regularly, thus need to be mentally strong. Ability to stay calm and communicate effectively in tough situations will go a long way in this career.  

Paramedic Academy, Mississauga offers 60-week fast track diploma program for aspiring primary care paramedics. Our extensive curriculum is designed to prepare students for the provincial certification – A-EMCA.  Practical experience via hospital placements and ambulance ride-outs under the supervision of active paramedics give students an edge during the interview process. 

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