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Why Pursue a Career as a Paramedic in Ontario

Sep 12, 2023 | Paramedic

So, you’re considering a career as a paramedic in Ontario? Great decision!

Paramedics are in high demand, and the opportunities for personal and professional growth are immense. Not to mention, the positive impact that you can have on society by saving lives and providing care in emergency situations is truly rewarding. In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about becoming a qualified paramedic in Ontario, the available courses, job prospects, and associated costs. Let’s get started!

Why Pursue Career as a Paramedic

So you’re considering becoming a paramedic in Ontario? Well, let me tell you, this career path is not for the faint of heart. If you’re someone who can handle high-stress situations and thrives in fast-paced environments, then this may be the perfect career for you!

One of the main reasons to pursue a career as a paramedic is the increasing demand in this field. With an aging population and an increase in chronic diseases, the need for emergency medical services has never been higher. This means that there will always be job security and growth opportunities for those in the field.

Aside from job security, becoming a paramedic also allows you to make a positive impact on society. As a paramedic, you are on the front lines of emergency medical care, providing life-saving treatments to those in need. It’s a rewarding career knowing that you have the ability to save lives and make a difference in someone’s life.

Moreover, the opportunities for growth in this field are endless. You can specialize in areas like critical care, flight medicine, or tactical medicine. You can also pursue further education and become a paramedic educator, supervisor, or even an executive.

Overall, pursuing a career as a paramedic in Ontario can be a challenging yet rewarding path. With increasing demand, opportunities for growth, and the ability to make a positive impact on society, it’s a career worth considering.

Becoming a Qualified Paramedic

Becoming a qualified paramedic involves meeting certain eligibility criteria. Applicants must have a Secondary School Diploma or equivalency certificate, with courses in Math Min Grade 11 (Equivalent to ICAS or WES or MCC), Biology and English as mandatory requirements. They should be physically fit and have excellent vision and hearing.

The program is intensive and requires successful completion of the in-house training program, followed by preceptorship with a certified Paramedic Field Training Officer. The duration of the course is generally two years. The curriculum includes coursework on anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, communication, and emergency medical care.

As with any educational program, the costs involved are significant. Tuition fees could add up to several thousand dollars. Students will also need to purchase required textbooks, and equipment including uniforms and stethoscopes. Additional costs such as transportation and accommodation for field placement might be applicable.

Becoming a Paramedic can be overwhelming but it is a highly rewarding career. Meeting the eligibility criteria, choosing the right program, and planning for the associated costs can help prepare candidates for a fulfilling career in the field.

Available Courses

Choosing the right course is key to building a fulfilling career as a paramedic. Luckily, there are a range of courses available to cater to diverse interests and ambitions including Emergency Medical Responder, Primary Care Paramedic, Advanced Care Paramedic and Critical Care Paramedic, Our Paramedic Academy Of BizTech College in Mississauga offers Primary Care Paramedic (PCP)

The PCP is the basic level of paramedic training and sets the foundation for higher-level courses. The Advanced Care Paramedic(ACP), on the other hand, provides more advanced training that qualifies graduates to administer additional life-saving treatments. Emergency Medical Responders provide immediate lifesaving care to critical patients who access the emergency medical services system. Finally, the Critical Care Paramedic(CCP) is the most advanced course available, training paramedics to work in ICU and critical settings.

At our academy, students learn from practicing paramedics, benefit from state-of-the-art facilities, and participate in hands-on learning experiences. Our graduates are highly respected within the industry and many go on to secure high-paying jobs in hospitals, emergency services, and more.

Job Prospects

If you’re looking for a career path with high demand and growth potential, becoming a paramedic in Canada may be the right fit for you. The employment opportunities for qualified paramedics are vast and steady. Paramedics work in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, and emergency medical services. Salary prospects for a paramedic are also positive, and they increase with experience and level of certification.

Additionally, the work environment for paramedics can be exciting and varied. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to help those in need. Being a paramedic also involves working in a team, which means you will have the opportunity to build strong relationships and bonds with your colleagues.

Overall, pursuing a career as a paramedic in Ontario is a great choice for those who are passionate about helping others and looking for a challenging and rewarding career.


In summary, pursuing a career as a paramedic in Ontario offers increasing demand, growth opportunities and a positive societal impact. Becoming a qualified paramedic requires meeting eligibility criteria, investing in tuition, books, and equipment costs, as well as selecting a program with a flexible duration. Remember though, our Paramedic Academy offers financial aid options to help you pursue your dream. The job prospects for paramedics include competitive salaries, diverse work environments, and job security.

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