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Different Types of Paramedic Training: Which One is for You?

Jun 9, 2022 | Paramedic

In this article, we will discuss many different types of paramedic training offered across Canada. The three most common levels of paramedic training are diploma or certificate, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

A diploma or certificate in paramedic training is the starting point of education for those who aspire to enter the field. If you wish to build your knowledge and skills, then paramedic training in Canada in 2022 may be the right choice for you.

Different types of paramedic programs will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in this field. You will learn about first aid, CPR, and how to provide medical care to patients.

In addition, you will also learn about the different types of emergencies and how to respond to them. The paramedic program is a challenging one, but it is also very rewarding.

Paramedic Training in CanadaDiploma or Certificate Course

Some paramedics choose to complete a diploma or certificate program, which typically takes one year to complete. These programs provide students with the basic knowledge and skills required to work as a paramedic.

As a paramedic, you’ll learn how to provide life-saving care for patients who are struggling with an illness or injury. You’ll be trained in basic life support procedures, including CPR and first aid. This training will help you provide care for patients who are in critical condition.

Even the best paramedic training diploma program in Ontario typically takes one to two years to complete and prepares students to pass the licensing examination in their state. Examples of common courses and skills gained are given below.

Fundamentals of Emergency Medical Technology- Provides an overview of basic life support techniques in an emergency care setting.

Paramedic Assessment- Teaches aspiring Paramedics/ EMTs how to assess the condition of a patient and make treatment decisions.

Airway Management- Introduces students to the procedures for opening and managing a patient’s airway. This will lead you to become air paramedic.

Associate Degree For Paramedics in Canada

Associate degree programs are also popular among paramedics after completion of their diploma or certificate in paramedic training from Canada.

These programs typically take two years to complete and offer a more in-depth education than a diploma or certificate programs. Students learn about advanced techniques in emergency care from degrees that complement their experience.

To aid students’ progress in understanding emergency care, associate degree programs incorporate courses that integrate with what they have worked on in the medical field.

Examples of common courses and skills gained are given below.

Trauma ManagementTrauma management course covers the steps involved with treating trauma patients.

Special Populations– Provides an understanding of how to treat patients requiring special or extra care.

Emergency Pharmacology– Explains the use of medications during emergency care.

Cardiology– Describes the treatment of cardiac emergencies.

Online Diploma in Paramedic Training

Finally, some paramedics in Canada chooses to pursue paramedic training virtually. This option is to complete a remote learning program that offers flexible schedules and allows students to learn at their own pace.

Online paramedic training in Canada is becoming more and more popular as an option for students who want to receive EMT training or paramedic training that can easily fit into their busy schedules.

These programs allow students to combine online classes with in-person classes, which helps to ensure that the learning environment is as immersive as possible.

Additionally, many online paramedic schools offer flexible scheduling options, so students can attend class when it is most convenient for them.

Begin Your Career With The Best Paramedic Program In Ontario

Earning your certification is a great way to start this journey and get closer to your goal. By becoming certified, you can start saving lives right away.

Paramedic Academy of BizTech college offers a Diploma in Primary Care Paramedic that is one of the Best paramedic program in Ontario. It also allows you to work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals and air ambulance services.

Apart from a shorter duration, we have an exceptional record in AEMCA, our graduates are currently working in various ambulance services in the Greater Toronto Area and Ontario. 

For detailed program information, career opportunities, financial aid and additional details talk to our subject matter experts.

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