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Future of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Nov 11, 2021 | Paramedic

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) isn’t a service that provides basic life support to the community or Uber’s people to the hospital like the roadrunner, or at least it isn’t anymore.

EMS consists of a little of technology, humanity, medicine, business, health, caring, life, death, PTSD, etc. However, as time passes, these little things grow into becoming limitless in EMS, meaning paramedics have a better version of each one of them and allow them to work with more options.

Let’s do a recap of emergency medical services from the past to the present and into the future. We as paramedics went from delivering human flesh and bones to the hospital, to progressing into bringing medicine into the work by administering what the doctor asked us through a phone such as an EMT, to coming to the point where we are today where we can kill someone, shock them, and bring them back to life with one hand while handling crisis on the other hand.

What is new in Emergency Medical Services?

Truth be told, if we were able to progress this much in a few decades and grow into what we are today as an EMS, I fear how advanced we will become in a couple of decades. We could steal the Dr. from the doctors and add it in front of our names somewhere in the future to upgrade the game, or since we are already detectives, we could also have an ambulance badge on one arm and a police badge on the other.

The future of EMS will mostly turn into technology and everything being automated, such as self-driving trucks, so our primary focus will be on the patient. Worst-case scenario, we will all be replaced by advanced AI and turn into homeless fellows if we have not saved up our money by then.

In conclusion, emergency medical services will continue to be the way it is now in the future as the bond between all services (such as police forces, hospitals, firefighters, etc.). Bringing all forces together in catastrophic events and giving the best possible care to the community except with a slight difference, EMS upgrading into X-games mode.


Blog Credit: Amirali Ebrahimian, Student, Paramedic Academy of BizTech College.

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