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Why Did I Choose To Be a Paramedic?

Nov 17, 2021 | Paramedic

Paramedicine is a field that has intrigued me for the past few years, and the more I learned about it over the years, the more I wanted to join the field.   

My main reason for selecting paramedic profession goes back to my days working as an authorized agent for a roadside assistance company. I would load my vehicle up in the morning and venture out into the city, responding to calls for assistance helping out the people of my community with car troubles ranging from lockouts to flat tires and everything short of towing the vehicle. 

The sheer joy of going to someone in their time of need and helping them was unmatched with the personal satisfaction that i had gotten from any other job, and I knew that I had to join something that would give me a similar sense of pride.  

Another factor that solidified my decision was that my brother and close friend also joined programs and spoke highly of the profession and their experiences at their respective colleges.   

Paramedics are given a level of autonomy by their standing protocols in ALS and BLS. For example, a paramedic is allowed to provide a specific course of treatment that fits their protocols without having to consult a doctor beforehand, making it easier for them to make an appropriate decision for patient care instead of waiting to call a doctor for an order. 

Career as a Primary Care Paramedic  

There has been a considerable increase in demand for first responders due to the pandemic. Therefore, it poses a massive opportunity for aspiring medics to have a higher chance of getting a job.   

Once employed, a paramedic has many avenues they can turn to for advancement in their careers after establishing a few years of experience at the PCP level. It can include advanced care, critical care, supervisor, rapid response unit, community medicine, flight medics, tac medics, and much more.   

All of this combined pushed me to apply for the program, and I haven’t looked back since. It has been by far the most challenging endeavor I’ve taken upon myself, but also the most rewarding. Knowing that my studies here at the paramedic academy could one day save someone’s life pushes me to be the best version of myself every day and never to settle. 

My decision to join “The Paramedic Academy” of BizTech College specifically was due to the great reviews I read online about the instructors and the fact that they had a fast track program that would get me on the road in the most timely manner. 

With my position as a paramedic, I hope I’m able to touch the lives of all those I interact with and leave them better than they were before. Be that by treating somebody’s wounds and being nice to them, or by just listening to someone and being respectful when nobody else will.   

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I merely wish to make the world a better placeā€”one patient at a time.

Blog Credit: Muhammad Kamal, Student Paramedic Academy of BizTech College

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