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6 Qualities of a Good Primary Care Paramedic

Oct 5, 2020 | Paramedic

Primary Care Paramedic is a frontline healthcare worker that offer support during emergency medical situations. Working alongside police officers and firefighters, primary care paramedic provides pre-hospital care.   

Not everyone is suited to work in this challenging field and students considering a career as a primary care paramedic should possess certain specific qualities.

Here are 6 qualities that primary care paramedic needs to be successful:  

Ability to work in a Team  

Paramedics work in a team within themselves and often with multiple agencies on the scene. Paramedics need to have a coordinated effort to achieve the best outcome for the patient.   

Great Problem-Solving Skills  

There is rarely a textbook scenario, and paramedics will find themselves in most challenging situations. Ability to navigate through unpredictable scenarios and find creative solutions is a must. Assessing and diagnosing patients rationally and using best judgement to find effective solutions.   

Ability to Stay Calm  

Becoming a Primary Care Paramedic means you are signing up for a stressful job. The ability to handle stressful situations calmly, make critical decisions in the midst of chaos is part of the job. As a paramedic, one should be able to stay focused on the treatment and not give in to the pressure.   

Physical Fitness and Strength  

Paramedics go through a lot of sitting, kneeling, bending and fast face movement on the job. Paramedics may have to pull, lift or push patients of all sizes, this requires physical strength. As a primary care paramedic, one must be both physically and mentally fit to stay sharp on the job.   

Good Communication Skills  

Paramedics have to communicate with patients, family members and medical professionals in high-stress situations. Good interpersonal and instructional skills are an essential part of the job. Ability to calm the patients, make them feel comfortable and good listening skills are highly appreciated.   


Emergencies can happen anytime, and primary care paramedic works in an unstructured work environment. One must be open to change and be adaptive to changing situations. From routine calls to life-threatening emergencies, paramedics should be ready to handle them at any given point of time.   

Open to Learning  

Paramedics train for life and will experience new things on the job. It is good to be book smart, but one should be open to learning new techniques which can help them become effective healthcare professional. Situational awareness and attention to details is a necessity.  

Do you think you possess these qualities? Well, Primary Care Paramedic may be the right career choice for you.   

Paramedic Academy of BizTech College offers a unique combination of classroom, lab training, and ambulance ride-outs will help you gain a solid foundation and versatile skill-set required on- the- job.   

Small class size offers individual attention and interactive learning under the guidance of practising paramedics, registered nurses and health science educators.  Know more about our Primary Care Paramedic fast track diploma program.


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